Friday, August 15, 2008

Keep It Coming Brother Authors

Several of you have continued to post your writings to the blog. I am grateful. We have entered a new phase of our relationship together. We are still challenged to put our voices on record. Our charge has not changed because the institute has ended. I look forward to your writings in the coming days. Let's shake some stuff up!

Love poem
by Slayton Goodman newest post
August 21, 2008

Wow I’ve never had a girl treat me the way you do
I’ve never felt better than when I’m with you

It seems like you always know what to say
And never trip when I make a mistake

Your beauty is astonishing
And I promise to be a gentleman
Treat you like no one else can

Because I care for you
And when you need me I’m going to be there for you

I want to be the one you think of when you hear the word love
We’re going to stay together no matter how much they hate us

August 21, 2008 9:04 AM

by Alfred Tatum
August 11, 2008

He taught me how to play chess when I was younger
To make all the right moves
The rooks, the knights, the pawns, the bishops
I could castle and use my bi***(oops, I mean my Queen) to protect myself
All of these thoughts flashed in my mind when the car pulled up besides us
it’s 12:05 am, I am eighteen, sitting on the passenger’s side
No where to move, no strategy
I thought about learning chess when I was younger
The young man in the other car lifts his hands – checker hands, tic tac toe hands
I was no match for him
I thought my scholarship letter would save me – it was my next move
my buddy screams first
I’m hit next
checkmate – game ov..

Slayton's Post


I’m like a homeless man looking for change
Hoping it comes in a short time range

We are imprisoned by our own brothers
Robbing, stabbing, shooting and killing each other

Free me, don’t include me in your violent ways
Living in ignorance so long I don’t know how to behave

Why can’t I just live in peace?
I’m not a slave yet I’d give anything to be free

August 14, 2008 7:51 PM

Jamil's Newest Posts

“Even when nobody’s with you, you still hear a voice”

I’m sitting here in the dark without a
Every one left me standing without
A choice
A choice to redeem myself with simple
Goals to challenge myself in victory where
Every body goes
But who know where I end up
A chance to survive in the world
Because it’s rough
So you got to be tough especially in
My neighborhood where I had
Enough! I said to the little poor
Black child
He was spook and had to lay low for
A while
Wow! I thought to myself as I
Wondering what’s was that sound
I heard of mines
How I would respond to it
What's my next line
Who’s there, it turns out to
Be nobody
It was just me and a person that
Wouldn’t defy me
Is it God? Is that the voice?
He telling me that I do have
A choice
A choice to make more choices
A change to make changes
To turn a fairytale into reality
Yep that’s the key
That’s what missin
When you feel all alone
There’s always a little voice
If you just

August 12, 2008 4:56 PM

So Crazy”

What makes a man so crazy?
Is it you?
Is it you that makes a man feel?
So blue
Is it you that makes a man
Speaks another language
That every time he speaks
He speaks the truth

But as simple as it may seem that the
Blue the man felt torn green
Rather it something you done that
That man thought was so mean

I mean what’s makes me so crazy
Is for someone I call my lady
Makes me feel all lazy
Some please save me…!!!

Is it all right for a man to
Feel so crazy
I don’t know
Is this why the lord made me
To use the gift God gave me
To love, care
And support those that
Charge me
Wow! That’s crazy!!!

August 12, 2008 4:58 PM


slayton g. said...
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Slayton g. said...

The kiss of an angel

I was kissed by an angel
Her lips were sweet and soft
I was kissed by an angel
She was as beautiful as she was harsh
I was kissed by an angel
It was a beautiful feeling
I was kissed by an angel
All my wounds started healing
I was kissed by an angel
With no warning of what happened next
I was kissed by an angel
And it was the kiss of death
Death is not dying for God’s children; it’s more like moving on
By Slayton Goodman
Nov. 15,2008

slayton g. said...

Winter snow

Snow shoveling my favorite choir
Winter my favorite time of year
Let all rivalries be no more
Let us join in Christmas cheer
I don’t need to wait anymore
For the first snow is almost here
Nothing I want to do more
Than spend time with the ones I hold dear
Our savior born on this day
The greatest gift of all time
So let’s go celebrate
Winter time on my mind
By Slayton Goodman
Dec.6, 2008