Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On the heels of thoughtful writers

Brother Author, Slayton, continues to marvel with his thoughtful words. He is truly the voice of this generation.

By Slayton Goodman
Nov. 15,2008

The kiss of an angel

I was kissed by an angel
Her lips were sweet and soft
I was kissed by an angel
She was as beautiful as she was harsh
I was kissed by an angel
It was a beautiful feeling
I was kissed by an angel
All my wounds started healing
I was kissed by an angel
With no warning of what happened next
I was kissed by an angel
And it was the kiss of death
Death is not dying for God’s children; it’s more like moving on

Posted by Armand

Black president

It's been a long time coming
Yet here we are
A black man
In the white house
MLK the dreamer
OBAMA the dream

2008 history was made

Posted by Slayton Goodman


Black chains

These chains mean more to me than mere jewelry
But I do admit they look real cool on me
But they represent my past generations pain and struggle
Not that I’m a modern day thug on a hustle
The way I dress has nothing to do with who I am
You can’t look at me and tell whether or not I’m a sophisticated man
They wore chains and were forced to pick cotton
I wear chains also to let you know I haven’t forgotten
Carry myself with pride and dignity
I bet you couldn’t tell if this was a rap or poetry
I carry my rhymes with a deeper meaning
You can’t see me smile because it’s too dark to see
-pitch black

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