Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yet Another Brother Author Has Returned


By: John Galloway

I Never Had the Best Choice Of Buddies Or MANY Friends
Some May Call Me A Crybaby But In The End It All Depends.
Daddy Never Gave A Damn,
But I Would Always Kill For My Child To Have Another Meal.
Still Worried About WHERE I Will Go Wrong
and Will They Put “JUST ANOTHER N***A” Over my Tombstone.
A Whole Bunch of Sad Songs and Flower Bringing,
with a funeral full of little cousins I Never Be seeing.
Trying in School to Be the Best
Praying to God for A cure For M.S.
I Guess It Fells Good To Get Some Of This Off My Chest
But My Soul Must Consume The Rest.
Scared of the Fact That I may not Graduate
But The suit and Gown Is Something I Will Always Anticipate.
So Much Spitting On me I feel Like another Dog
but it will Feel Good to Be the Underdog.
The Flows So Hot I’m Afraid to Touch It,
Been holding it so long I get Blisters from it!
We still live In a Recession;
the country isn’t making no progression.
I’m Still Black,
N ***AS Still sell Crack,
Most Pitiful N***AS Still
Looking for a purse to snatch
or kill a mother over One
Now what’s The Gansta in That?
Still Older People Trying to Lecture us
But When Girls Get pregnant all They Blame is us.
Police go over board to restrain us
because the N***A in us don’t Want People Putting Chains On us.
So When I die I Want to go to Heaven
because now isn’t A Gift
So Why Do We Call It the Present.

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