Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Inauguration

My Inauguration


Alfred W. Tatum

I never felt so low being locked down
I say Barack on stage
Before being forced back into the cage
D.C. felt so close, but out of my reach

I started reflecting on all I had done
to please the girl who no longer remembers my name
as she now teaches her son about OBAMA
the real man who stands next to a real momma

My mattress swallowed me as I sat on the cot
My soul began to rot
As I tried to disappear because of the shame inside
My calls felt so idle – no more throwing up the Ws for West Side

Then I remembered someone talking about God’s loving grace
Maybe it can sustain me until I get out of this place
44 months to go, isn't that ironic, before my release
Into a different society with a Black Man calling for world peace

I can’t wait until the daylight
So that I say good morning to the next Brother
Who I suspect felt the same shame
Barack has given me a new face
It’s up to me to restore my name

Barack has give me a new face
It’s up to me to restore my name

No more iniggeration
My inauguration starts today
This, to God, I pray.

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slayton g. said...

Social Slavery and Dirty Politics
By Slayton Goodman –Feb. 08 09

They gave us the sour lemon and we made lemonade
Soul food the food from the soul of a slave
They gave us what they didn’t want and we reversed it
And after all this time now we prefer it
Tell J.F.K. what he did was not in vain
I won’t stop spreading knowledge until blood freezes in my vain
Evil politicians have raped our brains
Laws do disappearing acts like David Blaine
But when I show up in court they stay the same
Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t that sound insane
I think America is great because of diversity
I think America is hate because of lies and thieves
And I support Blagojevich
Ask the politicians can they stomach this
A terrorist gun held to the victims head ready to pull the trigger
He is also a black man therefore he is also a………figure
Of common discourtesy therefore he is also a………bigger
Threat to society along with the other ignor-
ant people that can’t see
That anything is questionable politically thinking
When you look at a porcupine all you see is the needles
Look at my skin tone and my attire and all you see is the evil