Friday, July 3, 2009

Keeping the Legacy

Brother Author Goodman gives his views on love. He is truly a poet for generations to come. See below:

Slayton, let me know if you want to join this year's institute. Week 2 begins on Tuesday. Kendale Johnson from Kenwood is one of this year's brother authors. You can visit this year's blog at

Keep writing, young brother, keep writing.

The best kind of LOVE
By Slayton Goodman
This girl had a nice attitude and beautiful curves
I mean this girl could make the word beautiful a verb
They say every kiss begins with “k”, but so does every kill
Because love is a dangerous thing that will have you feeling so ill
It’ll have you feeling so sick’ wish you can be done with it
Wish you never made her cry and then just quit
But NO it’s like a drug because you can never get enough
And I’m so sick and tired of all the bull stuff
And the type I hate most is teenage love
Because the type I fear most is teenage love
But they say fear hurts but I feel no pain
And they say no pain no gain so I am staying the same
Because I can never decrease but I will never win
Never give my heart and soul to any of these women
And I learned a valuable lesson, always put myself first
Because when I give my all in a relationship I get hurt
I call this the best kind of love because it gets better before it gets way worse
And that’s the end of this verse, end of this curse
Because in the end love is just a word
-take a bow, exit left stage, I’m done playing this role


Armand said...

Time Change

You compare what happens
Between Then & Now
Everything’s changed
And you can’t help but think how

Way back then
People were always nice
An old man walked into a restaurant
And said “Good Morning” like we were his wife

That politeness has left us
But it’s making a comeback
The only thing now
Is to not make the black people the stereotype black

Now people are rude
Break a boys arm
To help an old lady
Not his caring charm

As past and present
Soon connect to bliss
We’ll get back to us
What is missed

Miller Kid said...

White and Black Rose

Purity and evil one together
Like a white rose with thorns
Or a black rose without
An elaborate woman that has been scorned

Corresponding always
Like yin and yang
Hurry and set the mark
You have 1 second you aim

Life and death
Love and hate
Every person is stuck
In life pains

So no one is higher
Or lower than those
Who carry a rare
White and black rose

Armand said...


Sitting hear gazing at something amazing
More elegant than a flower
As I gaze upon thee
Within this Twilight hour

Can she be real with skin I crave to feel
Whenever we meet I picture a shower
For our two bodies to be conjoined
Within the Twilight hour

Seeking love all around and all through towns
Searching for one who won’t go sour
And it seems I found her
Within this Twilight hour

Darkness lit by a light that’s fighting with all its might
I thought nothing to be purer than ours
Can anything stop the love I found
Within this Twilight hour

Yet now I weep in a wallowing deep
Cause with another behind do you cower
And loves turned into tricky lust
Within this Twilight hour

I sit in this room an unhappy groom
My life comes to me as nothing but coward
In self pity I lie
Within this Twilight hour

Replaying in my head as I stroll towards the bed
What happened o’er and o’er
Was me falling deep or my extreme freakability
Within this Twilight hour

I’m over her now and I hear the moo of a cow
My life had meaning from what we were
Now there is nothing
Within the Twilight hour

I grab my tie and prepare to die
Wanting God to end it for her
So she can feel how I do
Within the Twilight hour