Saturday, March 28, 2009

Critical Consciousness from a YBA

Social Slavery and Dirty Politics
By Slayton Goodman –Feb. 08 09

They gave us the sour lemon and we made lemonade
Soul food the food from the soul of a slave
They gave us what they didn’t want and we reversed it
And after all this time now we prefer it
Tell J.F.K. what he did was not in vain
I won’t stop spreading knowledge until blood freezes in my vein
Evil politicians have raped our brains
Laws do disappearing acts like David Blaine
But when I show up in court they stay the same
Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t that sound insane
I think America is great because of diversity
I think America is hate because of lies and thieves
And I support Blagojevich
Ask the politicians can they stomach this
A terrorist gun held to the victims head ready to pull the trigger
He is also a black man therefore he is also a………figure
Of common discourtesy therefore he is also a………bigger
Threat to society along with the other ignor-
ant people that can’t see
That anything is questionable politically thinking
When you look at a porcupine all you see is the needles
Look at my skin tone and my attire and all you see is the evil

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