Friday, March 27, 2009

Poetry from the Youngest Brother Author from the Institute - Returning after 7 Months - Welcome Back YBA

Shattered Glass
Deonte Jones

Sometimes when dreams are broken, they are nothing
more than shattered glass. When your heart is broken,
you feel like shattered glass. When you get jumped,
your bones feel like shattered glass. This might not
sound all that bad, but think of how the glass feels.

Deonte Jones

A lot of life is spent in darkness.
Some people may not notice.
Night is full of darkness.
It might be morning, but most of the world
is still dark!!!

The Never Ending Hallway
Deonte Jones

Life is like a hallway. It feels like it
never ends. But when you cut that hallway
in half, you see it’s very short, which is just
like life. So live your life like there’s no
tomorrow because tomorrow’s not promised.

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